Précision Automatique J.R.N. INC. is 3 generations of qualified professionals that care and work fast so that our clients are always satisfied.

It’s a customer-centered service and a closely monitored follow-up.

You trust, we deliver.

Always available

We don’t rush things. We take the necessary time so that your needs are fully met.

Constant communication and complete follow-ups

We are strive to be an active partner to your success.


We get back to you quickly. You won’t be kept waiting with us!


Chrome rectifier

Précision Automatique is certified in Chrome rectification, approved by industry leader Héroux Devtek.

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CNC machining

We have an experise in CNC machining, whether it’s for a repair or a brand new piece.

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These machining techniques (milling and grinding) are meant to trim brute materials so that we can create parts of any custom shapes. Précision Automatique has many types of different machinery and digital tools so that we can manufacture any kind of parts.

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An ongoing legacy

For 3 generations Précision Automatique has been offering quality service and a continuous support for its customers.

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68 years of valuable experience

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